News - 2009

November, 2009

General meeting of GK12 Fellows. Fellows were encouraged to submit items to Evaluations of the summer programs were performed to get feedback on how the Fellows are using that information in the classroom and to determine if changes should be made for the following year.

October, 2009

General meeting of GK12 Fellows. Fellow’s experiences in the classroom when teaching their units was discussed along with how they are discovering what is successful versus what is not. The Fellows seem to be becoming familiar with the dynamics of their classrooms and are commenting on more defined challenges such as how to be creative when teaching.

September, 2009

First meeting of GK12 Faculty, Teachers, and Fellows after start of school year. Overview and discussion of what is working and what is not working in the classroom; how to capture students attention in the classroom, keep them on task, encourage them to complete assignments. International component of program was discussed.

September, 2009

Classroom visits by Faculty and programmers.

August, 2009

Beginning of school year. Fellows began working directly with assigned Teachers in the classroom and developing and posting mini learning units that they have used in with their students.

July, 2009

All nine GK12 Fellows and their partnered teachers attended a short course and an informative seminar by Dr. Larry Johnson with Texas A&M University who discussed his GK12 program.

July, 2009

Dr. Pradeep Sharma presented a two-day short course on nanotechnology; what it is and the different applications for nanotechnology such as in cancer treatment, drug delivery, hard, light weight metals, Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS), and many more. Dr. Sharma’s presentation sparked discussions and brainstorming sessions for the fellows and teachers about how they can integrate nanotechnology teaching modules into the classroom.

June, 2009

Short courses held for the GK12 Fellows led by Dr. Gene Chiappetta on developing mini teaching units that will become part of the “KART” or the Knowledge, Applications, Research and Technology approach to bring innovations in Nanotechnology and Nanosciences into the classroom.

May, 2009

GK12 Faculty, Fellows, and Teachers meeting and kick-off dinner reception.