November, 2010

General meeting of GK12 Fellows and Teachers. Fellows, Teachers and PIs were divided into teams to brainstorm on how to teach Alternative Energy using either Harry Potter or another character from pop culture. Each team presented their results and the ideas were diverse.

October, 2010

General meeting of GK12 Fellows.

September, 2010

General meeting of GK12 Fellows.

August, 2010

New school year begins and Fellows begin working with Teachers in classroom.

June, 2010

Nanotechnology Short Course and Planning Instruction course for Fellows and Teachers for 2010-2011 school year. Planning and Teaching Science course for New Fellows. Research Experience for Teachers summer program includes GK12 Teachers.

May, 2010

Presentations by GK12 Fellows and Teachers evaluated by outside evaluator. Fellows develop introduction instructions for new graduate students to introduce themselves to their prospective classrooms.

April, 2010

General meeting of GK12 Fellows and Teachers. Discuss DC conference and NSF survey information. Activities, Lessons and Units added to the KART for download.

March, 2010

NSF GK12 Annual Meeting, Washington DC. Fellow Rachel Howser presents Earthquake and Structural Engineering and the Science Behind Harry Potter poster and poster on University of Houston GK12 Program: The Science Behind Harry Potter, GK-12.

February, 2010

General meeting of GK12 Fellows. Potential fellows start visiting classrooms. Fellows begin to submit to Discussion of TAKS tests and how Fellows are working with that in the classroom. Participate in Special Focus Meeting for GK-12 projects at the AAAS Annual Meeting in San Diego in February 18, 2010.

January, 2010

General meeting of GK12 Fellows, Teachers and interested graduate students and teachers. This meeting allowed interested graduate students and teachers to get to know current fellows and teachers and get a feel for the GK12 program. Fellows will visit each other’s classrooms before February 14. Presentations are being developed for upcoming meetings.