The objectives of the proposed program are to:

  1. provide STEM graduate students engaged in state-of-the-art nanotechnology related research, to learn the articulation of complex scientific and engineering issues in a K-12 classroom environment through direct immersive interaction with K-12 students and teachers, for example, via interactive modules of science behind Harry Potter.
  2. provide K-12 teachers with recent knowledge and innovative learning activities in nanotechnology that is subsequently shared with K-12 students and enabling a deep understanding of fundamentals of physical sciences.

Special features of the program include:

  1. active hands-on learning activities using the Knowledge, Applications, Research, and Technology (KART) approach for K-12 students and teachers led by graduate fellows,
  2. summer research experiences for teachers through our current NSF funded RET Site: “Innovations in Nanotechnology”
  3. joint participation by teachers and graduate fellows in journal publications and at regional conferences,
  4. visits by selected teacher-fellow pair to international collaborator in Tunisia whose engineering school has a startling female to male ratio of 1:1.